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Leader of Welsh Lib Dems calls on Welsh Government to provide cash to tackle unsafe cladding

THE Welsh Liberal Democrats have today called upon the Welsh Government to pledge to remove all unsafe cladding from homes and tower blocks without directly charging home owners.

The news follows a similar announcement from the UK Government. There are an estimated 148 high-rise residential buildings in Wales most in Cardiff and Swansea, several of which have been identified as having cladding which should be replaced.

Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds said:

“Three and a half years after the devastating fire at Grenfell it’s worrying that so many properties in Wales are still at risk because of unsafe cladding.

Many people living in high-rise properties across Wales do not feel confident that their property is the safe and are worried about potential fire risks.

“It’s high time the Welsh Government acted to make these homes safe.”


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