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Licence application to be considered for sports and recreation association community hub

A NEW licence for a village sports and recreation hub could mean the closure of its pub, Pembrokeshire’s licensing committee will hear next week.

On the agenda is an application from Herbrandston Sports and Recreation Association for an alcohol and music licence for a community hub.

A lengthy submission from the couple running the Taberna Inn, the village pub, supports the application for a new premises licence but points a number of areas of concern or that need clarification.

It asks the committee to consider the community hub “instead of” rather than in addition to the pub as the couple, nearing retirement, will not reopen in the New Year “unless it receives more support before the new year (or unless we can find cheaper ways of operating).”

“If the licence for the Sports Club is granted, we don’t see much commercial future for the Taberna in its current form but have no energy or enthusiasm to do anything different,” it adds.

Peter and Brenda Absolon have run the Taberna Inn as volunteers for 20 years, the letter to committee states, and it has been on the market for some time.

Questions raised include if the association is a formal set up and if the site is a community hub, as well as who will be in charge.

An objection from a neighbour, who adds they are “generally supportive” about the application “aimed at operating the facility as a full scale commercial venture” cites concerns about antisocial behaviour and noise.

It adds that the application times of 11am to 11pm daily “far exceeds what has been indicated and proposed locally.”

Members of the licensing committee will discuss the application at its meeting on December 5.

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