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Licensees urged to check permits ahead of the Rugby World Cup

PUBS and clubs in Carmarthenshire are being urged to check their premises licence ahead of the Rugby World Cup to ensure they don’t miss out on showing Wales play.

Carmarthenshire County Council licensing officers say licence holders intending to open early to show the matches and serve alcohol need to make sure the permitted hours on their licence are sufficient.

Anyone who wishes to open and sell alcohol outside of their licensed hours will need to submit a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).

Licensees and club secretaries are strongly advised to put a TEN in place before the premises advertises any matches and it must be with us at least 10 clear working days before the event.

Failure to do so in time could end up with the premises being unable to sell alcohol during some matches as some World Cup Matches kick off as early as 5.45am.

Details of kick off times are listed below.

The council’s executive board member responsible for licensing, Cllr Philip Hughes said: “Anyone who intends to open their premises to show the matches will need to ensure they have the correct licence in place which authorises them to open early to cover each occasion. We want to ensure everyone enjoys the Rugby World Cup, especially to support Wales, and are happy to work with all licensees to ensure any legal requirements are in place.”

To submit an application please visit our website https://www.carmarthenshire.gov.wales/home/business/licensing-permits/alcohol-entertainment-licences/temporary-event-notices/#.XUBIw8R7lPY

Dates and times of matches

Ø  Wales v Georgia – 23/9/2019 at 11.15am – TEN required by 06/09/2019

Ø  Australia v Wales – 29/9/2019 at 8.45am – TEN required by 13/09/2019

Ø  Wales v Fiji – 9/10/2019 at 10.45am – TEN required by 24/9/2019

Ø  Wales v Uruguay 13/10/2019 at 9.15am – TEN required by 27/09/2019

Ø  Quarter Final 1 19/10/2019 at 8.15am – TEN required by 04/10/2019

Ø  Quarter Final 2 19/10/2019 at 11.15am – TEN required by 04/10/2019

Ø  Quarter Final 3 20/10/2019 8.15am – TEN required by 04/10/2019

Ø  Quarter Final 4 20/10/2019 at 11.15am – TEN required by 04/10/2019

Ø  Semi-Final 1 26/10/2019 at 9am – TEN required by 11/10/2019

Ø  Semi-Final 2 27/10/2019 at 9am – TEN required by 11/10/2019

Ø  Bronze Final 1/11/2019 at 9am – TEN required by 17/10/2019

Ø  Final 2/11/2019 at 9am – TEN required by 18/10/2019

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