September 27, 2021

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PLANS for shepherd huts and tea room at Llandstadwell are back before Pembrokeshire planners this week – this time recommended for approval.

The application for six shepherd huts, car parking, toilet and shower block along with alteration and extensions including a tea room building at Point House, Newton Road is to be discussed on Thursday, August 5.

A similar plan, with larger huts that were tethered to the ground and considered static caravans under planning policy, was refused in December 2020 and a previous plan was withdrawn from a planning committee earlier that year.

Planning officers now considered that the huts are not caravans but they are also not tents, yurts or tepees and “do not fall to be considered clearly under any one policy of the LDP [Local Development Plan].”

The proposed alterations and extension to the dwelling and proposed tea room building would be modest in scale. Furthermore, the proposed shepherd huts would also be of a small scale and located on a slope that falls away towards the estuary to the south.

Part of the application is in retrospect with work undertaken on altering ground levels which will be retained.

Objections have been raised about access to the site via a private road, the impact on the bridleway and Public Right of Way as well as visual impact.

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