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A  Llanelli businessman has been fined over £800 for failing to provide evidence for disposing of tyres.

Stephen Griffiths admitted at Llanelli Magistrates Court of not being able to prove he disposed of tyres legally from Llanelli Tyres garage.

In a case brought by Carmarthenshire County Council, the court heard that in February last year, enforcement officers visited the property and asked Griffiths to produce copies of waste transfers relating to tyres for the last 12 months. Griffiths claimed the tyres were collected by a licenced waste carrier.

Officers gave Griffiths seven days to produce documents relating to the waste tyres disposal, but this was ignored.

He was visited twice further and on the third occasion could only produce documents outside of the dates requested. He was then issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice which he failed to pay despite a reminder letter being sent to the premises.

In mitigation, Griffiths claimed he had suffered a house burglary, and that being a single dad and his business was affected he was unable to pay. He apologised.

He was fined £300, ordered to pay £492 costs and £32 victim surcharge.

The council’s executive board member for enforcement, Cllr Philip Hughes said:

“This a prime example of what happens when you ignore a Fixed Penalty Notice and it has proved to be very costly for this person. There is no point in burying your head in the sand because we will catch up with you. It is your responsibility to ensure your waste is disposed of through a licenced waste carrier if required, and just as vital to keep any documentation relating to that waste disposal. Rules are in place to ensure that these kinds of items are disposed of safely, in accordance with the law and do not end up being dumped or fly-tipped.”

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