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Llanelli MP and AM express deep concern over Calsonic job losses

NIA Griffith MP and Lee Waters AM have expressed their deep concern regarding announced job losses at the Calsonic Plant in Llanelli. The plant currently employs around 400 people in highly skilled manufacturing jobs, and is a key part of Llanelli and Wales’ automotive sector. The company has announced the beginning of a 30 day consultation period on the loss of 95 jobs, through a mix of compulsory and voluntary redundancies. 

The company have stated that the decision is due to “pressures of market instability caused by the political and economic conditions” which “have affected our customers’ volumes and, consequently, Calsonic Kansei’s sales have seen a significant drop”. 

Lee Waters AM said “Nia Griffith and I will be doing what we can to work with the company, trade unions and other employers in the area to help the workers directly effected. And the Welsh Government will be extending the taskforce helping workers at Schaeffler to offer practical support.”

“Calsonic were offered significant Welsh Government help to develop new products at the end of last year, and we will continue to do what we can to help create a sustainable future for the site, through what is clearly a troubling period.”

Nia Griffith MP said “The next month will be a difficult period for the workers and their families at Calsonic, both Lee and I are ready to do whatever we can to help anyone affected. Alongside working directly with the factory staff and the trade unions, I’ll be using my voice in Parliament to ask the UK Government to match Welsh Government’s ongoing commitment to the plant and the workforce.”

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