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Llanelli MP wants rid of ‘most dangerous’ Conservative Government since Thatcher

THE UK will go to the polls on December 12th for a general election.

Commenting on the announcement of a general election, Nia Griffith MP said:

“This election is our opportunity to get rid of the most dangerous Conservative Government since Margaret Thatcher. They pose a real threat to jobs in vital industries like steel, car manufacturing and farming. We can’t let them get away with it. Only Welsh Labour can beat the Tories in the Llanelli constituency, and I would like to thank voters of all persuasions who intend to support me because they know I care about our community.

“I will be fighting this election on my record as a dedicated local MP, and the positive difference that a UK Labour Government will make to people’s lives. Labour would scrap tuition fees, deliver more apprenticeships and invest in the green jobs of the future. And we will always safeguard the incomes of older people and fund our NHS properly, scrapping the Tory cuts and privatisation which have done so much damage.

“It was disappointing that all Plaid Cymru MPs voted against the election, which is also the last chance to get a People’s Vote. Having successfully blocked a disastrous no deal Brexit, I voted for an election so that we can get a majority to settle this issue once and for all by giving the public a final say on Brexit.”

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