A unique combination of hyperlocal news for Llanelli and surrounding areas. Live streaming of some of the best music around. Check our social media pages for live links when we are on air.

If you would like a particular topic discussed and explored we can try our best. It could be anything from school transport to policing, politics, health or education. We will try and get the people who matter to come in and chat to us and answer your questions.

Have something to say. Are you an expert on climate change, education or sport? We have opportunities for you to reach a massive audience.

Do you have a great song you have written and want it played to thousands? We can do that.

Have you written some great poetry or a play or a short story you would like shared with a large audience. We can do that for you.

IF you have ever thought of getting involved with radio, we are looking for volunteers, content providers, news gatherers and news readers. Are you a student of journalism? Are you studying to go into the media industry? We would love to hear from you if you are looking to gain experience.

Email editor@llanellionline.news

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