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Llay quarry extension could see extraction of nearly 700,000 tonnes of sand and gravel

PLANS to extend a quarry in Llay could result in the extraction of nearly 700,000 tonnes of sand and gravel.

A planning application has been submitted by the owners of Ballswood Quarry to extract minerals from two new areas at the site off Gegin Lane.

Cheshire and North Wales Sand and Gravel Limited said there are only 200,000 tonnes of sand and gravel remaining within the part of the quarry it currently has permission to work on.

The company said it meant supplies of construction materials from the site could run out in the near future.

The proposed extension areas are to the eastern and western parts of the site with one being a 4.37-hectare plot of agricultural land where there are an estimated 500,000 tonnes of material.

The other is a smaller area of 0.68 hectares close to the site offices, where there are said to be about 190,000 tonnes.

Representatives for the firm behind the proposals said the extensions would help to support the local economy.

In a planning statement submitted to Wrexham Council, they said:

“The minerals products industry is a vital enabling sector of the UK economy, which has a broad impact on overall economic activity.

“Granting planning permission for the three proposed changes to the extraction area of Ballswood Quarry would maintain the employment for 11 jobs for approximately ten years if the scheme is approved.

“The proposed quarry would provide a significant contribution to the local economy.

“It is estimated that this contribution would equate to approximately £750,000 to £1,000,000 per annum on external suppliers and on goods and services over the lifetime of the development, as well as contributing to the national and local tax base.

“A positive determination of this planning application would provide a viable and high-quality mineral supply to meet identified need.”

The agents said the plans would not result in any changes to methods of quarrying at the site.

They also said traffic movements associated with the proposals would remain the same.

The local authority is expected to make a decision on the application at a later date.

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