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MERTHYR TYDFIL Council members have agreed a Council Tax increase of 1% for the 2022/23 financial year.

This equates to an increase of 33 pence per week (£17.29 per year) for a ‘Band D’ property and – as 84% of properties within Merthyr Tydfil are valued at Bands A to C – the increase for a significant proportion of council taxpayers will be between 22 pence per week (£11.53 per year) and 30 pence per week (£15.37 per year) (See Appendix 1).

The 1% Council Tax increase for Merthyr does not include the Band D precepts for South Wales Police Authority: £302.11 and residents within Trelewis / Bedlinog Community Council: £23.95.

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Together with the police precept, people in band A properties will pay a total of £1,365.59.

Band B will pay £1,593.18, band C will pay £1,820.78 and band D will pay £2,048.38.

Band E will pay £2,503.58, band F £2,958.77, G 3,413.97, band H £4,096.76 and band I £4,779.55.

Residents living in the Trelewis/Bedlinog Community Council area will pay an additional precept for each band to the Community Council.

In addition, the Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS) for 2022/23 will provide Council Tax payment support to around 6,000 residents. Anyone currently on low income and not in receipt of a CTRS reduction can complete an application form here: merthyr.gov.uk/resident/council-tax/council-tax-reduction/.

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