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MERTHYR Tydfil’s MP has called on the council to declare a climate emergency.
Gerald Jones has criticsed the council for what he calls its “lack of action” to tackle climate change.
Merthyr Tydfil Council is one of just six Welsh local authorities who have yet to declare a climate emergency, despite being one of the areas hardest hit by changes to the global climate, Mr Jones said.
So far, 16 of Wales’ 22 local authorities have joined the Welsh Government – who declared a climate emergency in 2019.
THe Senedd was the first parliament in the world to vote in favour of the declaration of a climate emergency.
Now Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney’s Member of Parliament has demanded that Merthyr Tydfil Council acts.
Mr Jones said: “The effect of climate change is all around us.  In the past few years alone, residents of Merthyr Tydfil have seen catastrophic flooding, landslips, damage to critical infrastructure and recent extreme temperatures.  This has resulted in homes damaged and lives destroyed.
“Despite the evidence staring them in the face, the leadership of Merthyr Tydfil Council have not declared a climate emergency; one of just six councils in Wales not to do so.  It is simply inexcusable.
“In fact, Merthyr Tydfil Council doesn’t even have a plan in place to reduce its own carbon emissions.
“The time for talking is over.  Tough action is needed now if we are to tackle climate change and leave a planet that is safe for future generations.
“The leadership at Merthyr Tydfil Council should immediately join the majority of Welsh local authorities and declare a climate emergency.”
Merthyr Tydfil Council has been contacted for comment.

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