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Military training camp ‘perverse setting’ for refugees says Plaid’s Leanne Wood

A Camp in Tenby is set to become temporary camp for asylum seekers

Responding to the news that Penally training camp outside Tenby is being “actively considered” as a location to house up to 250 people who arrive into the UK seeking asylum, Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for Equalities Leanne Wood MS said,

“A military training camp would be a perverse setting for housing people who may have witnessed first-hand the horrors of conflict and fled out of desperation and fear for their lives.

“The accommodation appears to be wholly inadequate and would inevitably add to the distress of the individuals who may be forced to stay there.

“There appears to have been little or no consultation with the Local Authority about these proposals, meaning that adequate support for these individuals may not be guaranteed if this turns out to be the preferred location.

“Wales has a proud history of welcoming those seeking asylum from some of the most volatile and dangerous regions on earth.

“In meeting its moral duty to protect these individuals, the UK Government should identify sites which are both safe and suitable to house them. At present, they seem to be failing on both fronts.”

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