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TRAFFIC at the temporary school site for Haverfordwest secondary pupils could increase by 50 per cent – including 18 buses – according to the scheme’s planning application.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s planning committee will decide the authority’s application for a two storey modular building – a £3million ‘mobile village ‘ – at Haverfordwest High’s Portfield Site.

It is recommended for approval.

The former Tasker Milward Site would see classroom and educational facilities on site for 40 months, as well as temporary access, parking areas and associated works, the application states.

It would lead to the “decant” of 1,800 pupils along with staff from the former Sir Thomas Picton site – known as Prendergast campus – while a new single, school is built.

The area to be developed covers around three quarters of an acre with access off Sacrrowscant Lane and limited access from Portfield Avenue.

“The additional traffic generated by the merging of the schools temporarily onto the Portfield Campus is expected to result in an increase in traffic volumes in the region of 50 per cent,” states the report.

There are currently seven buses heading to the Portfield campus but that would rise to 18, including a shuttle bus service from the Prendergast campus.

A temporary access and bus parking area is planned off Scarrowscant Lane as well as a temporary access to Snowdrop Lane, which will also be the main access point for construction traffic.

Parents and guardians would not be permitted to use the car parks at start and end of school days.

“Therefore, as a result of the development, there would be additional pressure on the highway network and the likelihood of increased levels of parking in nearby streets,” it adds.

Residents raised concerns about an increase in traffic, as well as loss of privacy, the entering of gardens by pupils, increased noise and litter, the guaranteed removal after 40 months and objected to the re-opening of the  Portfield Avenue entrance.

The planning committee will meet on Tuesday, May 21, 10am at County Hall, Haverfordwest.

Pics: impression of the temporary school to be built at HaverfordwestHigh’s Portfield campus, planning documents

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