August 3, 2021

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MORE money is needed if Neyland’s community hub is to be completed as planned with the current situation leaving upstairs undeveloped and “completely unusable”.

Cabinet members will be asked to consider a further £120,000 of Pembrokeshire County Council funding for the project if Neyland Town Council also increases its financial support.

A report states that Neyland Town Council would need to contribute £240,000, half of which would be repaid by the Neyland Community Interest Company (CIC).

A financial update from the Neyland CIC indicates that: “The current position is that key elements of the project that were subject to the value engineering will remain undelivered, principally the upstairs of the Neyland Community Hub which will be wind and weather tight only.

“The internal fabric of that space will not be constructed, it will not be supplied with services and will not have access in place, no publicly accessible stairs and no lift. It will be completely unusable.”

The cost to complete the upstairs is said to be £360,000 including a contingency.

It adds that without the upstairs a “number of key user groups” will not have the accommodation hoped for, which will “undermine the effectiveness of the Hub.”

An initial shortfall in the £2.2million development of £250,000 was previously met by the council and a plan to move the town’s library to the building also approved.

Cabinet will discuss the proposal at its meeting on September 9.

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