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More measures needed to keep patients out of Intensive Care 

PLAID CYMRU is calling for earlier intervention to spot potential Covid19 complications and treat patients in the community are being urged by Plaid Cymru as part of the armoury against Covid-19.

A new strategy could involve a simple tests for low blood-oxygen levels for patients with milder symptoms, followed by with CPAP oxygen treatment, which could even be done at home.

Citing evidence from Italy and the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, Health spokesperson Rhun ap Iorwerth said early intervention could be a ‘game changer’ in the battle to ensure that the unwell are able to recover sooner and be kept out of hospital.

Writing to the Health Minister, Mr ap Iorwerth said;

“Could conducting widespread blood-oxygen tests for those with milder symptoms – even sending out sensors for home-testing, or at assessment centres – be a way forward? CPAP machines could even be sent to a patients’ home for self-medication. I’m seeing more  evidence of the value of pursuing this self- or home-treatment approach, and suggestions that early intervention – perhaps in a home setting – can play a crucial role in the treatment regime.”

 Further to the letter, Mr ap Iorwerth commented;

 “All avenues must now be pursued in the fight against COVID-19. A roll out of devices to test oxygen levels at home and CPAP machines which can be used in a home setting could be a game changer.”

 “There are persuasive arguments that suggest Ministers should come forward with a Plan B which involves a new treatment regime as a matter of urgency. Most notably The  Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine says that CPAP may be of benefit to patients earlier on in the disease process than first thought and may prevent deterioration of some patients to the extent of them not going on to need invasive ventilation.”

 Mr ap Iorwerth has written to Welsh Government advocating earlier intervention on a number of occasions. He added:

“Acting sooner could save time, resources and ultimately lives.”


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