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More than £100,000 spent on “outdated” car allowances for Pembrokeshire chief officers

MORE than £100,000 was spent on “outdated payments” for senior council officers’ cars full council heard this week.

On Thursday (July 15) Cllr Reg Owens asked “How many officers (names not required) are in receipt of the Car Allowance and what is the total cost to the Authority per annum?”

Cabinet member for finance Cllr Bob Kilmister said that there are 18 chief officer posts that include car leasing allowance, with 16 currently taken up – all but one vehicle being electric or hybrid.

The cost based on 18 officers would be £115,472 he told full council, and for the 16 currently in use the council pays £104,004, rising to £117,646 with national insurance elements added.

Cllr Owens called that allowance an “outdated payment” – with two officers agreeing with him he said – and asked if there were plans to “phase it out.”

This would be a matter for senior staff committee, Cllr Kilmister said, with terms and conditions negotiated by members on the committee, including Cllr Owens, but he was not aware of any work ongoing on the issue.

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