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POWYS County Council needs to make £7.7million in savings, cuts and “income generation” if it is to balance their budget by the end of March 2023.

During the next few days each of the council’s scrutiny committees will get to look in detail and the draft proposals and give their views on them.

One of the proposals which could save £30,000 for the council is to remove some of the bring recycling banks that are dotted at sites around the county.

Environment cabinet member, Cllr Heulwen Hulme said that the decision was partly to help the council hit Welsh Government recycling targets which will be 70 per cent in 2024/25.

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The banks for cardboard would be kept, explained Cllr Hulme, because amidst the increase in home shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic, more cardboard is being recycled.

Cllr Hulme said, “I know the saving is not considerable, that’s mainly associated with the fuel and staff costs.”

Cllr David Evans asked where would tourists now put their rubbish to recycle.

Cllr Evans said:

“We have easily accessible facilities at the moment in car parks, visitors won’t have the road collection facility.

“There will be a lot of rubbish just left about, because in fairness to them, they won’t have the facility to put their bottles and such into.”

“It’s like  losing the toilets, we want tourists to come but we’re closing the facilities and I’m a bit disappointed we’re considering this.”

Cllr Hulme replied:

“Personally, I leave the rubbish in my car and take it home to be recycled.”

She added that campsites would also be expected in future to have recycling boxes to separate the rubbish.

“It’s not an easy decision but one we’re making,” added Cllr Hulme.

Cllr Evans said:

“You’re an exception Heulwen, where will the ordinary person put it?

“If they are staying for three or four days they are not going to want to stack up their car with rubbish.

“It’s a very silly decision and I hope you will change your mind.”

Cllr Jeremy Pugh said:

“We provide overnight parking in  our car parks; it means our bins will be overflowing and it makes the place look shoddy and we’re so reliant on tourism.”

The committee will produce a report and their comments will be deliberated by the Independent/Conservative cabinet when they next deliberate the draft budget.

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