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MP & AM celebrate awards for Age Cymru Sir Gar

LLANELLI’S MP and AM visited Age Cymru Sir Gar on Friday to celebrate a number of awards that the local charity has received for the high quality of their information, advice work and governance.

Age Cymru Sir Gar, which supports older people in Carmarthenshire with information, advice, and practical help, has been awarded the nationally recognised Advice Quality Governance Standard, the Age UK Information & Advice Quality Standard and the Age UK Governance Quality Standard. Nia Griffith MP and Lee Waters AM joined the Age Cymru Sir Gar’s staff team to celebrate these achievements and get an insight into the help they provide.

Ann Dymock, Chief Officer at Age Cymru Sir Gar, said, “It’s wonderful that our AM and local MP are so supportive and appreciative of the work of the charity. They visited our office, met our information and advice staff, myself and one of our trustees, and listened keenly to us explain the work we do and the challenges we face on a daily basis. They maintain regular contact and their support is invaluable, and for that we’re very grateful.”

Nia Griffith MP said, “I would like to congratulate Age Cymru Sir Gar for their Quality Awards, which reflect the excellent work that they do… Not least this last year in helping older residents in Carmarthenshire claim some £1.1m that they are entitled to, and that they will subsequently spend in the local economy.

“Accurate advice is absolutely essential as mistakes can be costly, and the awards reflect the thorough training that Age Cymru Sir Gar give their volunteers. I know that they have worked particularly hard to ensure that couples were not caught out by the latest cruel cut from UK Government, restricting new claims for pension credit to couples where both partners are over 65, whereas claims before the deadline were allowed for couples where only one partner was over 65.

“So a big thank you to the whole team, and we look forward to you continuing the good work.”

Lee Waters AM added, “I’ve seen the good work that Age Cymru Sir Gar do right across the area. The services they provide are crucial to making sure older people are able to lead fulfilling lives.”

“These awards demonstrate how seriously the team take their work, and the excellent standards the achieve. We’re lucky to have them working so hard for the community.”

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