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MP and MS urge you to back ‘I’m Buying Local’ campaign

Dear Editor,

The food and drink sector, like other parts of the economy, is not immune to the economic shock of Covid-19. Indeed, the pandemic has served to amplify the fragility of existing food supply chains and the importance of a sustainable domestic food supply system.

The recent images of farmers having to pour milk down the drain due to a collapse in prices have been devastating to watch, and beef prices have also been severely hit, resulting in many farming families struggling to survive.

We have both campaigned hard for Government action to help these businesses, but we can all contribute as individuals to help our food and drink producers. That’s why we’re urging your readers to back Plaid Cymru’s “I’m Buying Local” campaign.

By buying local, we can all do our bit to support the local economy, whilst at the same time help to reduce our environmental footprint and strengthen community institutions like farmers’ markets and the local High Street.

Despite the challenges facing the sector, many local businesses have responded quickly and creatively to the crisis, adapting business models and embracing innovative ways of operating in order to meet the needs of customers. Some now provide a local delivery or click & collect service, and many are using the online Open Food Network platform to sell their produce at www.openfoodnetwork.org.uk or listed on the Cywain website: https://menterabusnes.cymru/cywain/en/our-producers/

Please join our “I’m Buying Local” campaign and support our local food and drink producers. Now is the time to rethink, reset and rebuild our food supply system from the ground up.

Ben Lake MP for Ceredigion & Llyr Gruffydd MS (Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs)
Plaid Cymru The Party of Wales

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