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MS raises Trimsaran flooding issues in the Senedd

MID and West MS Helen Mary Jones, during Environment questions in the Senedd highlighted the impact of floods in the Trimsaran area.

Helen Mary Jones MS, Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for the Economy, Transport and Tackling Poverty said:

“I visited residents and businesses at Capel Teilo Road, which is between Trimsaran and Kidwelly in Carmarthenshire. A relatively small number of properties are affected, but very seriously affected, sometimes going weeks without being able to get their vehicles in and out. It’s a complex pattern, Minister, with tidal flooding issues, some issues relating to the proximity of a railway and the difficulty of the water clearing. I’m sure, Minister, that you would agree with me that, when a member of a public agency said to one of the families that their property was, and I quote, ‘dispensable’ and that nothing could be done, that wasn’t an acceptable approach.

“If I write to you and ask you to do so, will you reply to me, encouraging all of the agencies that are in play here that includes Dŵr Cymru, Natural Resources Wales, the local authority and the railways, because of the railway line. Will you encourage them to come together at the site, with me and the residents, so that we can talk through what possibilities there might be? I realise that investment has to go to where the biggest number of properties are protected, but is it not also true that, when people are affected again and again and again, they too deserve our consideration and, potentially, some investment.”

Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths replied:

“Yes, absolutely. You will be aware that our strategy is to protect homes and businesses and, therefore, people’s lives, because we know that flooding is absolutely a devastating event. But it is not just about the large numbers, as you say. It’s about individuals as well. Absolutely, I agree with you. Certainly, we saw the partnership working to which you refer very much at the fore in the February floods, particularly in the Rhondda, for instance. So, I would absolutely urge all of the organisations that you named to come together with you to see what we can do, and I’ll be very happy to be part of that too.”

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