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Mudiad Meithrin’s Fund-raising Campaign for the Cylchoedd

THE ‘Dwylo’n Dathlu Deg’ campaign is currently being held this week, between the 11th to the 15th of November. It follows similar successful Mudiad Meithrin campaigns over the last few years which have included breaking the world record for holding ‘The World’s Biggest Pyjama Party’, ‘The World’s Biggest Purple Party’, ‘Rhywbeth Neis, Neis i De’ (Something Nice, Nice for Tea) and ‘Dau Gi Bach’ (Two Little Dogs).

The aim of the fund-raising events is to raise money for Cylchoedd Meithrin (Welsh-medium playgroups), Cylchoedd Ti a Fi (Welsh-medium Parent/carer and Toddler Groups) and Day Nurseries. Every provision has been provided with an activity pack full of activities using hands to promote language, literacy and numeracy e.g. painting with hands/fingers, pair different gloves, make finger puppets out of old gloves, etc.

The Cylchoedd and Nurseries will be able to raise money by making handprints on clay with the child’s name and age on it; make key rings out of children’s handprints; make soap, and sell these as unique Christmas presents to the parents.

We’ve already received numerous pictures from multiple Cylch Meithrin celebrating ‘Dwylo’n Dathlu Deg’ this week and you can see these photos by following this link – and searching #DwylonDathluDeg. However, we’d like even more ideas and pictures, therefore, we are asking our provisions to post their pictures on our social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and to @mudiadmeithrin and use the hashtag #DwylonDathluDeg. The Cylch Meithrin who send the best fund-raising celebration ideas will win Dewi the singing dragon

Dr Gwenllian Lansdown Davies, Mudiad Meithrin’s Chief Executive said:
“We are always trying to support our provisions’ fund-raising events, not only to help them to support themselves as a business but also as a tool to bring the Welsh language alive and to create a feeling that they belong to the Mudiad’s ‘one big family’.”

Events celebrating Dewin and Doti’s tenth birthday started in April with Parti Piws Mwyaf y Byd (The World’s Biggest Purple Party), when more than 12,000 people took part by wearing any purple item of clothing on that day, and the ‘Dwylo’n Dathlu Deg’ campaign will close the year-long celebrations.

Iola Jones, Mudiad Meithrin’s Head of Communication and Partnership Team, said:
“Dwylo’n Dathlu Deg will be the last celebratory event which will bring Dewin and Doti’s birthday celebrations to a close this year. Dwylo’n Dathlu Deg is a fun and imaginative fundraising activity that will allow our provisions to raise money in a fun and creative way.”

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