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Neil Hamilton AM reminds farmers to apply for extra support available

Mid & West Wales, AM Neil Hamilton, and Leader of UKIP Wales is reminding farmers to apply for extra support before the end of the month.

Applications for the BPS 2019 Support Scheme are open until November 29th and Mr. Hamilton is urging farm businesses to apply so they receive 90% of their BPS in December.

He said: As a member of the Senedd’s Rural Affairs committee, I am more than familiar with the financial pressures our hardworking agricultural and rural industries are under and urge farmers not to miss out.

“Earlier this year I welcomed the continuation of the Basic Payment Scheme, which runs from December 2 until June 2020, and it is vital that Welsh food, farming, livelihoods, communities, and our environment continue to receive support from the Welsh Government.

“It is vitally important to remember that this is an opt in scheme and will not kick in automatically so farmers need to apply by November 29 or they could fail to get the funding.”

The BPS 2019 Support Scheme replicates the ‘loan’ facility made available for BPS 2018 and is a way of helping those farmers who will not receive their Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) 2019 payment on day one of the payment window period.

If you submitted an application for BPS 2019 via the Single Application Form 2019 you are encouraged to apply to the Support Scheme, especially if a payment early in the payment window period is essential to your farming business.

If you want to receive 90% of your payment in December, you need to apply to the scheme by November 29 in the event that your BPS claim has not been fully processed in time.

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