September 25, 2021

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Neil Hamilton MS anger at Welsh Government funding delay for sheep scabis eradication

NEIL HAMILTON, MS for Mid & West Wales and Leader of UKIP Wales, has slammed the Welsh Government for delaying funds to help eradicate sheep scab in Wales.

Mr Hamilton, a member of the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs committee, is angry that a £5 million allocation for the eradication programme has been reprioritised because of the coronavirus pandemic.
He said:

“While I welcome the free sheep scab testing service, which is on offer to farmers, I am very disappointed and concerned to hear that funds to get rid of this dreadful disease are being allocated elsewhere.

“Yes Covid-19 is still with us, but the rest of life has to continue and we must learn to live with it and not sacrifice everything else on the altar of Covid. Yes, the crisis is putting a huge strain on Government finances but, once again, it is the farmers who are getting a raw deal.

“We keep getting told that sheep scabis a priority for the Government and the farming industry, as indeed it should be. I welcomed the announcement in January 2019 that the Minis