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Neil Hamilton MS calls for the resignation of 4 Senedd Members after “secret boozy party”

NEIL Hamilton MS, has called on 4 Senedd Members to “resign their seats immediately” after they held a “secret boozy party” in the Welsh Parliament.

At least 4 Senedd Members, including Welsh Tory leader Paul Davies, Tory chief whip Darren Millar, and Labour MS Alun Davies have been accused of holding a “secret boozy party” in the Welsh Parliament over the Christmas period, contrary to COVID regulations.

The Sun exclusively reported that an assembly insider said: “They were absolutely legless, being very loud and raucous. They didn’t give a hoot about social distancing.”

It was just days after the Welsh government ordered all pubs and restaurants to stop serving alcohol and close by 6pm.

Mr Hamilton said:

“These politicians have made a total mockery of the imprisoned people of Wales. If they had any shame they would resign their seats as Senedd Members immediately.

“UKIP have consistently opposed the coronavirus regulations that were brought to the Senedd, however Welsh Labour and Conservative politicians have happily voted them through.

“They should be prepared to live by the draconian expectations that they impose on others. The actions of these 4 Members were clearly not in the spirit of lockdown.

“Whilst families are divided, livelihoods are destroyed, and vital operations are delayed, these politicians don’t believe the rules that they dictated to us apply to them. This is unacceptable.

“I also call on South Wales police to fully investigate this and treat these politicians as they would any ordinary offender. Only last week a couple were fined for travelling to see their 94-year-old relative on a compassionate visit.

“The public expect that the same standards that apply to them also apply to their elected representatives.

“The Senedd is simply an expensive and unnecessary tier of politician and must go. This is a perfect example of why Wales needs less politicians, not more. UKIP is standing by to contest any upcoming by-elections on an unambiguous platform to put politicians out of a job and scrap the Senedd.”

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