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Neil Hamilton MS welcomes Welsh Government additional funds for helping residents pay council tax

NEIL Hamilton, MS for Mid & West Wales, and Leader of UKIP Wales has welcomed news of more funding for a scheme to help residents struggling to pay council tax.

Mr Hamilton said he was pleased to see an additional £2.8 million for local councils so they can fund the increase demand on the Welsh Government’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

He added:

As we continue to battle against the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic, some households are struggling to pay bills because of either reduced income or unemployment.

“The CTRS already provides a lifeline to many who are struggling and I am delighted to see local authorities given much needed additional finance to help their residents.

“I welcome this extra money and it is important people know there is help available for them as the bills mount up and they struggle to make ends meet.

“The Welsh Government’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme was set up to help low income households across Wales and already supports nearly 300,000 families with their council tax bills.

“However, I am concerned some people are still not aware of the scheme so could be missing out and not getting the support to which they are entitled.

“I would urge anyone who is struggling to make ends meet during this crisis, to act now and check.”

The Welsh Government continues to work with the Welsh Local Government Association, WLGA and local authorities to understand the longer term effects of increased demand on the scheme and to assess the extent of any decline in council tax collection on local authorities.

Council tax is based on two adults living in a property but you may be entitled to a discount if you are a student; disabled; severely mentally impaired, if you live alone or with people/children who do not pay council tax.

To find out if you are eligible you can go to the Welsh Government website or contact your local authority.

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