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A NEW standard of behaviour expected within Pembrokeshire County Council will be introduced after Christmas.

Members of the democratic services committee will consider the behaviour standards at its meeting on Thursday, October 24, prior to cabinet approval.

A report to committee states that the new regime is part of the preferred vision for the ‘culture’ of the council with a move to a ” Learning organisation that has a strong sense of purpose, are Results orientated and is
characterised by independence, innovation, and flexibility.”

Discussions with staff and elected members informed proposals developed with the senior management team, with implementation due in January 2020.

As well as being incorporated into HR policies there will be a “broad range of innovative and effective behaviour change initiatives” delivered across the whole organisation to “encourage all staff and elected members to adopt the new behaviours.”

The behaviour standard will be illustrated using an interactive graphic with an
accompanying the video and released to all in mid-December.

“We propose to launch the Behaviour Standard in a strong and visible way to initiate a change in behaviour and mark the end of the old and the beginning of the new culture,” a report by the head of democratic services adds.

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