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CEREDIGION County Council’s cabinet approved a plan to buy and covert a four-bedroom house at a cost of up to £260,000, including a £100,000 Welsh Government grant to provide new accommodation to support homeless people.

A report to cabinet on Tuesday (August 4) states that the number of people in need of homeless temporary accommodation had doubled since lockdown and there was extra Welsh Government funding for support.

At the end of June, there were 62 individuals, couples and families in need of homelessness support.

Data relating to housing need across the county, by area, age group and the number of bedrooms needed is included in the report, which identifies nine people needing supported accommodation in the south where there is currently no provision.

The authority plans to buy a four-bedroom house in Cardigan which will be adapted for use as supported housing including office space, an additional kitchenette on the first floor, toilet on the ground floor, which will help meet Welsh Government COVID-19 guidelines.

Cabinet member with responsibility for housing Cllr Dafydd Edwards said that “it makes sense to purchase a property rather than renting because the cost of renting on top of the funding it takes to run the property is quite significant.

“It’s a saving of about £20,000 a year, which is a significant amount of money.”

Cllr Catrin Miles, cabinet and local member, added that she welcomed the decision and the support that would be provided.

The capital allocation was unanimously approved.

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