WALES’ new pro-independence political party have announced a new Chair and a new approach in moving forward.

GWLAD Gwlad’s original chair, Gwilym ab Ioan of Aberaeron is standing down, with Llanelli councillor, Sian Caiach now taking over as the party chair.

This change in the party’s key role will also be accompanied by a change of focus by GWLAD, who have been in existence for just over a year.

“We are very thankful to Gwilym for his initial efforts in getting people together to form GWLAD and providing that initial impetus for us as a party” said Gwyn Wigley Evans, GWLAD’s interim leader.

Mr Evans added that GWLAD would now also be pursuing a different tack in presenting the party’s vision to the people of Wales.

Mr Evans said: “We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Independence movement as a whole, as our independence as a nation can only be achieved with an unprecedented amount of strategic co-operation between interested parties.

“A more consensual approach will, I think, pay dividends for us, especially in an age where people are so sick of bickering politicians and bickering parties which have so demeaned the whole political process of late.

“Wales needed to come up with an original, made in Cymru version of politics which taps into the co-operative ethos of the nation, and the social capital that people share here.”

Mr. Evans added that the party was gearing up to present its new focus to the people of Wales, in what would seem to be a whole new political environment if Brexit is completed as expected by October 31st.

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