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THE LEADER of Pembrokeshire County Council has thanked his wife for her support as he takes on another two years in the top job.

Cllr David Simpson continues in the role after he was unopposed after being nominated by Cllr Paul Miller who said he had done a “fantastic job in transforming the way this council operates.”

Cllr Simpson was backed by Plaid Cymru’s Cllr Rhys Sinnett who added that he had “worked hard to address some significant problems inherited from the previous administration.”

At Friday’s annual council (May 10) Cllr Simpson said he had told his wife that he would take it one year at a time but the “cat was out of the bag” that he was signing up for two years.

“She’s supported me through the last two years and I hope shes’s going to support me over the next two,” he said.

Cllr Simpson added that leaders were supported by “good cabinets” praising the work and national recognition his team received, adding that one of the greatest things they had achieved was to start building houses.

The meeting also saw Cllr Simon Hancock take on the role of chairman with Cllr Michael James voted in as vice chairman for the next year.

Cllr James pipped Cllr Tom Tudor to the post, winning 26 votes to 25, with one spoilt ballot.

Cllr Jacob Williams was voted in as chairman of the planning committee and Cllr Tony Wilcox vice-chairman.

The licensing committee will be chaired by Cllr Tim Evans with vice-chairman Cllr Aaron Carey.

Cllr Michelle Bateman was elected as chairman of the democratic services committee unopposed and outgoing chairman Cllr Paul Rapi reinstated as vice-chairman.

Scrutiny committee chairmen and vice-chairmen will be decided when the next meeting of each is held.

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