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New event seeks to help aspiring UK farmers break into agriculture

THE PROSPECT of establishing a farm business can seem an impossible dream for aspiring farmers so a new one-day event is seeking to help aspiring farmers from across the UK break into the industry.

Farming Connect, a partner in the UK-wide Newbie network, is bringing together farmers of the future to share ideas, best practice and innovation at the ‘Start to Farm’ conference in South Wales on June 4th.

Prospective farmers from Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland will get access to financial and legal guidance and information on land access and business models.

Keynote speakers include Cody Wood, a first-generation livestock farmer based in the USA.

He has proved it is possible to establish a farming business with no family background in agriculture and little money.

With just $1200 to his name, he has built several innovative and successful farming businesses in just 10 years, through collaboration with other businesses and by drawing on the strengths of others to build his own expertise.

Cody admits that breaking into any new industry isn’t easy and that farming has a unique set of challenges, not least the perception that large amounts of capital or inherited land are needed to get started.

“My route into farming has proved that you don’t need either but what you do need is determination, guidance and a willingness to use other people’s strengths to build expertise,’’ he says.

“The Start to Farm conference is an excellent initiative which I am sure will lead to opportunities for those who want to take their aspirations to farm further.’’

Cody will share the keynote speaker role with former city girl Hannah Jackson, otherwise known as The Red Shepherdess, who has carved a successful career for herself farming in Cumbria.

The event will take place at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, from 10am-4pm.

Limited spaces have been allocated to each UK country therefore places will be allocated on a first come first served and needs basis. To book a place, contact Del Evans on 01970 600176 or delyth.evans@menterabusnes.co.uk

For further information about the workshops visit the Farming Connect Website.

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