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A NEW travel app will provide live data on traffic and congestion in Cardiff as part of a major upgrade to the city’s transport network.

The app would let users know real-time data on public transport and the road network, and the estimated time to get somewhere by car, train, bus or bike.

A huge upgrade in traffic monitoring, new bus lanes, and a state-of-the-art new traffic control room also form part of Cardiff council’s plans for an ‘intelligent transport system’.

Buses could also be ordered like taxis, taking a route based on the demand for the service determined by public requests.

The council will consult the public on its plans to roll out the changes for the system, which it hopes will encourage people to walk, cycle or take public transport.

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Councillor Caro Wild, cabinet member for strategic planning and transport, said:

“We want to ask the public their views on our draft strategy to build an intelligent transport system in Cardiff. We do have systems in place already, but they are not integrated, and many are coming to the end of their life, as they have been superseded by newer technology.

“We want to reduce harmful emissions, improve air quality and make Cardiff a healthier city to live and work in. One of the best ways to do that is to change the way we move around the city, encouraging public transport, cycling and walking as preferred ways of getting around.

“By 2030, we would like to see 76% of all journeys made by sustainable forms of transport. To do that we will need to double the number of people travelling by bike or by bus. To achieve this, we need better infrastructure which is managed by an integrated, intelligent transport system.

“It would act as the nerve centre ensuring bus corridors, cycleways and improved pedestrian crossings and pavements are recognised as a key part of the network, and helping to make travel on Cardiff’s roads as efficient as possible.”

One goal in the new policy is integrated ticketing, which would see people taking public transport be able to use the same ticket for a train and a bus, similar to in London.

A new traffic control centre would be built for council staff, emergency services, bus and train companies, and enforcement officers. The new control centre would help monitor traffic across the city, respond to incidents quicker, reducing congestion.

The A470 will pilot a ‘smart corridor’ scheme with buses given priority over cars. If successful, these could be rolled out on other main roads in Cardiff.

A public consultation on the intelligent transport system is expected to take place in summer, before getting signed off by the cabinet in autumn.

Cllr Wild added:

“Through the development of the transport user app, integrated ticketing and smart technology, residents and commuters will be better informed, so they themselves can make informed decisions on the best way to travel on any given day at any given time.

“Our draft strategy looks at the use of data and technology to reduce congestion, incentivise active travel to make our highway network more efficient, and will help deal with incidents on the highway more effectively.

“The opening of the bus station in 2023 will act as a trigger point to implement new services and technology, so it is important that we do this work now.”

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