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A LARGE area of new woodland has been proposed in or near Gower.

The Gower Society, which promotes the landscape, nature and history of Gower, has called for the new woodland to mark the 75th year since its founding meeting. This anniversary will be celebrated in 2023.

The idea was put forward at a meeting of the Swansea Council-led Gower AONB partnership steering group.

A summary of the proposal said: “One project that we would like you to consider is the planting of a significant area of mixed woodland either on land that is designated or purchased specifically for the purpose.

“We would like to think that such a scheme, such as a new woodland, would encourage wildlife, replace trees lost through disease in the AONB (area of oustanding natural beauty), link up with other woodlands, reserves as well as being educational and accessible for all by cycle and public transport.”

Speaking at the meeting, Gordon Howe, on behalf of the Gower Society, said there were no firm plans as yet.

He added: “We are prepared to put a considerable sum of money into a project that will be long-lasting, sustaining and in perpetuity.”

Mr Howe said the society was thinking of an area “a lot bigger” than a couple of acres.

But he said identifying suitable and not too expensive land was key.

Mr Howe wondered if land at Fairwood Common, or “green wedge” land between Cockett and Waunarlwydd – which is outside of the AONB – might potentially be of interest.

He said if you didn’t ask the question, you wouldn’t know what people thought.

Mr Howe said the society was keen to raise the woodland proposal with the Woodland Trust, National Trust, and the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

He was advised at the meeting to get in touch with the council’s nature conservation team, which has been mapping tree cover in Swansea.

The Gower AONB was the first AONB to be created in Britain, in 1956.

The Welsh Government is committed to creating a national forest the length and breadth of Wales. Fourteeen woodland sites have already been confirmed to be part of it.

Gower AONB team leader Chris Lindley said he thought the Gower Society’s proposal “would go down very well” with national initiatives like the Wales forest.

Photo credit: Google maps

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