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SCHOOL grounds and playgrounds across Newport will be smoke-free places from March 1 following the introduction of new laws.

The laws, which build on the smoking ban introduced in 2007, ban anyone from smoking in these areas, as well as hospital grounds and the outdoor areas of children’s daycare and childminding settings.

Anyone breaking the new laws could face a £100 fine.

The introduction of the laws will protect more people from the harms of second-hand smoke, particularly young people, and also help those trying to quit smoking for good.

Wales is the first nation in the UK to outlaw smoking in these areas, a move which will de-normalise smoking and reduce the chances of children and young people starting smoking in the first place, ultimately saving lives.

Those looking for help to stop smoking can access Wales’ free NHS support service Help Me Quit on 0800 085 2219 or visit www.helpmequit.wales for help and support, including access to free stop smoking medication.

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