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SENIOR councillors have praised NHS staff working on the booster vaccine rollout.

In a Newport City Council Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday, December 15, Cllr Ray Truman said: “They always rise up to the challenge. Each and everyone one of them should have [an award].”

Cllr Truman, who represents Alway, spoke passionately about his respect for the NHS following an update on the Covid-19 situation in Newport.

Since last week, cases have risen by 7.5% in Newport.

Yesterday (December 15), 117 people tested positive for the virus in Newport.

Councillor Jane Mudd, leader of the council, urged residents to test themselves regularly and continue to wear face masks.

Cllr Debbie Harvey echoed Cllr Truman’s comments and said: “The NHS [workers] as far as I am concerned, walk on water. They have been amazing, they are there every day.”

Cllr Harvey also gave a special mention to Cllr Stephen Marshall, who has been volunteering to administer the booster vaccine.

Over a million people in Wales have now had their booster.

Ealier this week, the Welsh Government announced plans to offer every adult in Wales a booster vaccine before the end of this month.


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