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Nine candidates fighting for people’s votes in November’s by-election

THERE will be nine candidates fighting for people’s votes in next month’s by-election in Hundleton.

The official statement of candidates has been published by Pembrokeshire County Council and includes two former county councillors.

A by-election is being held in the south county ward following the recent death of Margot Bateman, voted in as Hundleton representative in 2017.

Former councillors Daphne Bush and Jonathan Nutting are both standing, along with Tony Stenson, Nicky Hancock, David Edwards, Barry Grange, and Steve Alderman, independent candidates.

The Liberal Democrat candidate is Shirley Hammond-Williams and Jacob Taylor for the Conservative party.

Both Barry Grange and Nicky Hancock live in Hundleton with other candidates from the Pembroke area apart from Shirley Hammond-Williams with an election agent address of Stepaside and Jacob Taylor who has the Welsh Conservative office in Whitland as his agent address.

Applications for Postal Voting and alterations to
existing Postal and Proxy Voters must be made by October 30.

The vote will take place on November 7.

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