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No to party politics our community deserves better

Dear Editor, Around 100 of us recently came together to discuss the challenges of Drugs and Anti Social Problems in our area.

Another follow up meeting has already been arranged by the community for Monday 29th April at the Seaside Sports & Social Club.

Seaside residents have now brought to my attention a leaflet which has been distributed by the Labour County Councillor for the Glanymor Ward about another public meeting which he has now organised.

Given we should all be working together, I’d like to ask the following:

1. Why did this same Councillor not attend the Community Public Meeting held in Seaside on Monday 1st April given that he was invited? Was it because he didn’t organise it?

2. Why have Amanda Carter and the other organisers of the Community Public Meeting not been invited along to his meeting?

3. Why have some other Councillors including myself not been invited along to his meeting?

4. Why is only Seaside mentioned on his leaflet when there are problems also affecting the New Dock and Morfa areas in the Ward too?

5. Why is his meeting actually taking place in the Selwyn Samuel Centre which is outside of our community and the Glanymor Ward?

When it comes to discussing serious issues like this, I’m sure everyone will agree that party politics has no place.

Thanks to everyone in the community who continue to stand together as we call for action to tackle the scourge of these drugs, anti social problems and to avoid any potential future tragedies from happening.

Sean Rees
Llanelli Town Councillor
Glanymor Ward

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