September 23, 2021

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By Gareth Wyn Williams, Jez Hemming and Liam Randall, Local Democracy Reporters

All six local authorities in North Wales have committed to offering safe havens to  at-risk Afghan refugees fleeing their homeland.

The pledge came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised that up to 5,000 Afghans would be give refuge in the UK this year, with up to 20,000 over  the longer term.

There are around 10 families from Afghanistan who have or are in the process of being resettled in North Wales but that number is expected to increase following the Taliban’s dramatic return to power on Sunday.

MPs were recalled to Parliament early from their summer break for an emergency sitting today, three days after Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, following the withdrawal of United States and United Kingdom forces from the country.

The Taliban swept in to take control of the nation’s capital of Kabul,  putting at risk thousands of Afghans who worked with the occupying powers and sparking fears of a refugee crisis.