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NPT council publish insurance advice for residents affected by Skewen floods

NEATH Port Talbot Council have published advice to the many residents affected by the Skewen flooding

Many residents have asked about where to get advice about insurance.

Advice for those with insurance:

  • Please contact your insurers as soon as possible to inform them of the flood damage
  • Read your policy and understand the insurance cover you have in place.
  • Ask them for details on how to make a claim and whether they will send out an insurance loss adjuster
  • Take photographs or video of the damage to your home and contents
  • Don’t throw away any damaged items until you have discussed with your insurer.
  • Some insurance companies will offer you a fixed amount to settle the claim – before accepting be sure that you understand what they are offering and whether it is reasonable.

Residents who don’t have insurance, or need help with claims, the team of advisers at Citizens Advice Swansea Neath Port Talbot are able NPT Council issue insurance adviceto provide help, advice and support to those who may not have insurance, or who may be facing challenges with insurance claims, changes in benefits claims or housing issues.

They can be contacted on their free phone line on 0808 278 7926, or via email at help@citizensadvicesnpt.org.uk Information is also available on our website at www.citizensadvicesnpt.org.uk

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