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AN appeal has been launched after plans to convert an old police station in Wrexham into a nursery were refused.
Gresford Police Station was closed in July last year as it was being used less frequently by officers and costing North Wales Police £12,000 a year to maintain.
The property was later put on the market for almost £230,000 to generate funds to be reinvested into other buildings owned by the regional force.
The site’s new owner Rachel Lloyd submitted proposals to Wrexham Council in October to transform it into a day nursery.
However, the application was rejected by planning officers because of concerns over the extra traffic it would generate and the impact on road safety.
Ms Lloyd has now appealed to the Planning Inspectorate to have the decision overturned after an agent representing her argued it would not put people’s safety at risk.
In an appeal statement, Peter Douthwaite said: “The sole issue in respect to this appeal site is the concerns over additional traffic generation.
“The site access is being improved and will provide visibility in full compliance with Welsh Government guidelines for a 30mph speed limit.
“The council’s highway development control officer has raised no objection on the grounds of traffic generation.
“Whilst it is acknowledged that the proposed development would generate a nominal increase in vehicle movements at the site when compared to the existing use, the proposed use and associated traffic is not incompatible to Chester Road nor would the proposed use result in a danger to all road users.
“Based on the above there is no reasonable reason to refuse the proposed development on the grounds of traffic generation.”
An increase in police officers working remotely was previously highlighted as one of the main reasons for the closure of the village station.
Gresford councillor Andrew Atkinson said the decision did not come as a surprise to him but asked for some of the proceeds of the sale to go towards introducing speed reduction measures.
A decision will be made on the appeal by an inspector appointed by the Welsh Government at a later date.

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