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Officers warn youths about anti-social behaviour in Barry

SOUTH Wales Police officers in Barry are warning youths of how they are endangering themselves whilst causing anti-social behaviour in the Holton Road area as well as breaking Coronavirus rules.

PC Helen Kihlberg said,

“A group of youths have persistently been committing anti-social behaviour on Holton Road in Barry by climbing business roof tops and free-running, which is not only breaking Coronavirus rules at present but is also putting their safety at risk.

“It is an accident waiting to happen, which would mean emergency services are stretched even further, at a critical time within the pandemic.

“We are concerned about their safety and we are asking those youths to not climb across the roofs and to ensure they are following the Coronavirus rules, which have been set out by the Welsh Government and are enforceable by law.

“There have been up to 25-30 youths at one point and their general activity has the potential to cause criminal damage to the structure of the properties and is causing members of the public to be alarmed and concerned about their safety as some youths were doing back flips off the roof.

“In one instance, at the rear of Holton Road, four youths, aged 12-14 years old, were kicking in a window near a 30-40ft drop.”

“Some have already been identified by officers and anti-social behaviour referrals have been submitted to the Vale of Glamorgan Community Safety Partnership who have carried out Anti-Social Behaviour stage warnings.

“We are also stepping up our police patrols in the area to take further action if required and we are therefore reminding these youths to refrain from this activity and to follow the Welsh Government Coronavirus rules.”

If anyone witnesses this activity taking place, they are asked to contact police on 101.

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