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Over £1million in allowances and expenses paid to county councillors last year

MORE than £1.1million was paid to Pembrokeshire’s councillors according to unaudited accounts showing their allowances and expenses for 2018-19.

This year’s total wage bill for its 60 members was £1,121,024.10 – a similar figure to the previous year – including nine senior cabinet salaries and 13 other senior allowances for chairmen and group leaders.

The latest accounts also include £3,399.99 allowance and £125.01 of office contribution paid to the disgraced David Boswell, jailed for serious sex offences against children last year.

The majority of councillors received the maximum £500 office allowance.

Most receive a basic salary, decided by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales, of £13,599.96.

Committee chairmen received more, bringing their wage to £22,299.96 while cabinet members received £29,300.04.

Also receiving £22,299.96 was Cllr Jamie Adams as leader of the opposition.

Council leader Cllr David Simpson receives £48,300 a year.

Councillors are allowed to make mileage claims but not all do.

Those paying for their own travel include Cllrs Alison Tudor, Guy Woodham, Sam Kurtz, Michael Evans, David Howlett and Michael John.

Other claims from travel range from £86.40 put in by Cllr Kevin Doolin, to Cllr Neil Prior’s claim for £4,507.15.

Cabinet members made the highest mileage claims with Cllr Cris Tomos receiving the next highest amount of £3,955.95 and Cllr  Simpson £3,169, closely followed by £3,062.20 for Cllr David Lloyd.

The only cabinet member not to make a travel claim was Cllr Phil Baker.

Higher claiming non-cabinet members include Cllrs David Bryan with £1,230.95, Paul Harries with £1,021.50, Joshua Beynon on £1,007.10, Brian Hall with £933.75, Ken Rowlands with £800.10, and David Pugh with £648.

The total expenses claim paid on 2018-19 was £37,084.52, an increase from last year’s £30,237.83.

Image: West Midlands Police from West Midlands, United Kingdom [CC BY-SA 2.0]





*Last year’s total was £1,093,351.53*

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