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Overwhelming calls for windfall taxation on oil corporations

FAIR Fuel UK’s latest online “open to all opinion survey” has been completed by more than 38,000 respondents in just 72 hours.

The survey responses cover the period May 2 – 4 2022 and they showed:

4 out of 5 of all road users taking part in the survey want the big oil corporations to pay a windfall tax and for the Government to introduce the independent pump pricing watchdog, PumpWatch; 

 79% said they have not noticed the Spring Statement Fuel Duty cut in the price of diesel and petrol at the pumps; and

the more rural the drivers home location are, there is more demand for a windfall tax (91% said YES) on oil corporations and for the Government to introduce the independent pump pricing watchdog, PumpWatch (91% said YES).

Howard Cox, founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said:

“Shell and BP’s latest grotesque and very opportunistic profits are not going down at all well with drivers or even active transport users. People are struggling to heat their homes and pay to fill their cars. With a family diesel costing more than £100 to fill up, the fuel supply chain big businesses continue to take advantage of global market geo-political volatility. But any new punitive corporate windfall tax must be well structured to ensure future oil corporate investments in energy security are not slowed or even halted. The Government must ring fence this revenue and direct it to where its is most needed. In reducing the cost-of-living crisis!”

Some of the thousands of survey responses included :

The massive profits announced recently by BP and Shell are disgusting when there is so much suffering and so much government debt. Gary B

Most definitely, they are just profiteering out of this crisis Philip C

The government need reduce tax on fuel, they make far more at the pumps than the oil companies do… However record profits oil companies and government are making clearly shows UK drivers are being ripped off! DS

The continued rise in pump prices while the price of oil has been declining and the so-called Chancellor has cut 5p per litre is politically untenable. The government needs to wake up. Z

If they can brag about racking in more than they know what to do with most certainly implement a windfall tax on them Victor L

Most definitely, give the news today stating BP has made record profits for the first 3 months, as in previous comment this is made on the backs of ordinary working people and will only benefit a few already very rich investors. Dave H

There is no logical reason for them not doing this (windfall tax). It has been proven that it wont stop investment in the UK and France has shown it is possible as they have already successfully done this. Linda L

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