July 25, 2021

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ANOTHER stretch of cycle track has opened in Swansea, but a beautifully carved owl created by one of the contractors has gone missing.

The 1.3-mile shared use path links up Winch Wen, Trallwn and Llansamlet.

At Trallwn, cyclists can pick up another relatively new path to Morfa Retail Park, and from there ride along the well-established national cycle network route to Swansea city centre.

The investment has been welcomed, but the demise of the wooden owl so soon after the path at Trallwn was completed has caused upset.

Lee Waters, Wales’ Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, who helped launch the cycle path, said: “This is an important facility for the whole community – helping to encourage more people to cycle and also walk this route instead of using the car. Across Wales we have issues with obesity and also with the impacts of vehicle emissions on our air quality. Our broader plan is to get as many people as possible involved in cycling.” 

Nick Guy, chairman of Swansea Bay campaign group Wheelrights, said the £2m spent on new and upgraded paths in Swansea in 2018-19 has been put to good use. “The (Welsh Government) Active Travel Act has been a real game-changer,” he said. “And I think attitudes are changing. People can see the health benefits.”Referring to the missing owl, Mr