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Packed meeting told Capel lights were ‘on the cards’ since 2010

TENSIONS were running high at a meeting about the installation of the new Capel traffic lights on Thursday (Jul 24).

Around 30 local residents gathered at Dafen Hall to voice their opinions to local councillors including Cllr Rob Evans, Cllr Rob James, and Cllr Jeff Edmunds.

Councillors made a shocking revelation to residents saying that the lights had been ‘on the cards’ since 2010.

Cllr Rob Evans taking questions with residents Jonny Rudall and Craig Newton

Residents quickly pointed out that this had not been communicated to them, and they had expected two mini roundabouts instead, something they believe would ease traffic along the main road.

 My solicitor did the local authority searches and nothing came up with regards to traffic developments within 200m of my house.

Jonny Rudall

A number of concerns were raised, including the impact the lights will have on local businesses. Some residents said that they had fears that the lights would lead to the closure of Cuts Company hairdressers and the BP petrol station, both located very close to the new housing estate. It also surprised some residents to find that no safety or environmental assessments had been done before the lights were put in place.

They’ve both said the same thing, they said that its not workable, that we don’t want another Sandy Road

Cllr Rob Evans

The environmental impact was also a  big worry to both residents and council members. Some claimed that the council hasn’t made any comment about how they will solve some of the environmental issues.

Carmarthenshire County Council want to make Carmarthenshire ‘green’, and with the traffic lights it’s not ‘green friendly’.

Cllr Rob Evans

Despite all the concerns and backlash from locals Cllr Jeff Edmunds said that there was little that could be done at this stage.

By law the lights have to be put in place because that was what was required in the planning permission.

Cllr Jeff Edmunds

Undeterred by this locals vowed that the fight would continue, and said that they would never stop applying pressure to the local council.

Many were still hopeful for the future of their road.

We asked Pobl for a comment and they said: “Our focus has been on creating much needed new affordable homes for local people. We have contributed to the cost of infrastructure works carried out by the Local Authority. Decisions about highways works are made solely by the Local Authority and this was reflected at the recent public meeting which we attended.”

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