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PARKING restrictions on a road leading to Cefn Sidan beach in Carmarthenshire are to be made permament, but plans for a pay and display car park have been scrapped.

Double yellow lines were painted on Factory Road, Pembrey, along with an access road to the rear of Pembrey Country Park and a short lane off it, last year as part of a 12-month experimental order.

The county council said the measures would improve traffic flow and improve road safety, but prompted substantial opposition.

Now, executive board member for environment, Councillor Hazel Evans, has made the order permanent.

But she has dropped the pay and display proposal at what is known locally as Fisherman’s car park.

And a new 30-metre parking bay for horse boxes and their towing vehicles, opposite the entrance to the car park near the football field, will replace the existing double yellow lines.

The authority received 97 objections from people who said there had been no damage to verges and sand dunes from parked vehicles.

Objectors also felt access should remain unimpeded, and said they were not willing to pay at Fisherman’s car park.

Council officers said Factory Road was largely single track, that litter was a problem, and the area was a designated wetland site of international importance, with the dunes a site of special site of scientific interest.

Carmarthenshire Councillor Hugh Shepardson, who represents Pembrey, said there had been problems with cars parking on Factory Road.

He added he was pleased the pay and display proposal was not going ahead, and that horse box provision was being made.

“I am glad that they (the council) have listened to that,” he said.

Llanelli MP Nia Giffith had previously taken up objectors’ concerns, and said: “It is completely unacceptable to deny locals the free access to the beach that they have enjoyed for over 40 years.”

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