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A REVIEW of its response to covid-19 found that the National Park is an “adaptable and resilient organisation” with work needed to ensure that continues.

Audit Wales outlined its review of resilience at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s board meeting on Wednesday, May 5, looking back at 2020-21 highlighting its proved it was adaptable and resilient “in the face of immediate disruptive threats.”

Work identified for further attention – which Audit Wales officer Nick Selwyn acknowledged was already on the authority’s agenda – including improving financial resilience, modernising how decision-making works, using assets, business continuity and improving workforce capacity.

It was part of its Covid learning project and the National Park was shown to have done well in adapting its visitor centres, made careful public messages to manage the influx of visitors and in adapting existing public resources.

It is suggested that a review of business continuity plans be carried out, as well as ICT arrangements, consider remote working impacts, and identity opportunities to streamline decision making with a review of the switch to online meetings.

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