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PCSO links up with charity for Modern Slavery Awareness Project

PCSO Julie Holland from the North Wales Police Protecting Vulnerable People Unit has linked up with a charity for a Modern Slavery Awareness Project.

Julie first got the idea from the Clewer Initiative; a charity that works with the Church of England to combat modern slavery.

Julie said “The aim is to make crotchet chains with each link representing a victim of Modern Slavery. We’ve been working with Canolfan Dewi Sant, who put an appeal on their social media asking for volunteers to crotchet links. Once completed the chain will be displayed in Canolfan Dewi Sant with a sign explaining what it is. The original plan was to get 53 links done that was the number of child victims in North Wales since October 2020 but I’m aware that we already have more than 53 links completed (one kind lady has done 50!)”

According to Home Office statistic in 2020; 10,613 potential victims of modern slavery were referred to the National Referral Mechanism; a similar number to 2019. 48% of these referrals were for individuals who claimed they were exploited as adults, whilst 47% were for individuals who claimed they were exploited as children. The most common type of exploitation for adults was labour exploitation and for minors was criminal exploitation.

The Clewer Initiative works with the Church and in local communities to help raise awareness for and end modern slavery for good. Further information about the Clewer Initiative can be found on their website: The Clewer Initiative | The Clewer Initiative

Modern Slavery Awareness Notice.jpg

Volunteers from all over the community joined in to work on this project including Hazel James who made 50 links, Christine Wyndham-Woodroffe, and pupils from Nant-y-Bryniau Education Centre, Abergele. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved who created the links and also Rev. Kate Johnson, the Vicar of St David’s who gave permission to use the centre and display the links, and also the caretaker Dewi Williams – diolch!

The total number of links in the chain was 71 which is now proudly displayed in Canolfan Dewi Sant as a symbol of the community’s support to end modern slavery for good.


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