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A number of county councillors have been granted dispensation to speak on matters at meetings where they may have perceived interests.

Councillors Viv Stoddart, Mike Stoddart, Mike Evans, Myles Pepper, Mark Carter and Brian Hall all had applications discussed at Monday’s (March 1) standards committee.

Only Cllr Carter was refused permission to speak with the committee considering his application “stepped over the line” into a personal concern.

It related to potential road closures for events which he said would affect his business in Newgale, as well as wanting permission to speak on behalf of other residents.

Cllrs Mike and Viv Stoddart are permitted to speak on matters relating to post-16 education and Pembrokeshire College, where their daughter works, and Cllr Pepper can speak on Fishguard town centre regeneration despite a business interest in the area.

Cllr Evans was granted permission to speak on Tenby harbour matters, and represent to views of Caldey residents, although he has a commercial mooring in the harbour, and Cllr Hall can continue to speak on Valero and power station matters as a member of its liaison committee.

None of the councillors were allowed – nor applied for – permission to vote on the matters linked to their applications.

Haverfordwest town councillor Jonathan Twigg’s application to speak on racecourse matters, as a trustee, and Haverfordwest High matters, as a governor, were also approved at the virtual meeting.

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