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Pembrokeshire County Council create new role in education department

A NEW role focusing on school improvement will be advertised at Pembrokeshire County Council, instead of taking on a replacement deputy chief education officer.

The deputy chief education officer post has been vacant since Steven Richards-Downes stepped up to take on the director of education role for Pembrokeshire.

He presented a report to senior staff committee this week outlining a plan to but greater focus on school improvement, one of the four key Estyn objectives highlighted following an earlier inspection of the education service.

“We continue to face challenges with Estyn and the work of the directorate needs to be refocused on a narrower focus of school improvement,” said Mr Richards-Downes with job specification changed to “clearly reflect the role.”

Whoever takes on the job will be “focused on and accountable for improvement in schools,” he added.

The structure of the department would include the director of education, head of school improvement and head of engagement and inclusion.

Cllr Reg Owens reiterated concerns about the historic loss of an officer solely responsible for inclusion.

“These are children with tremendous problems and I really think we need an officer just concentrating on that,” he said.

The new role and its specification was approved by the committee on December 3 and the post will be advertised immediately.

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