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Pembrokeshire county council invite bids for £2.5m LED street light plan

STREET lights around the county will be replaced with LED lanterns with companies invited to bid for a estimated contract of almost £2.5million.

A delegated decision report states that Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet member for infrastructure, Cllr Phil Baker, has approved a proposal to invite bids for tender for evaluation and award for the “installation of LED street lighting lanterns throughout Pembrokeshire.”

The delegated decision will be made by director of communities Dr Steven Jones. Earlier this year an application for Welsh Government interest free repayable Salix loan was made to support a two year street lighting upgrade project, notes the decision report, published on the council’s website on Monday (Nov 30).

The project aims to convert “all high power demand street light fittings to LED”, reducing carbon emissions by 322 tonnes per annum and saving £205,000 a year in electricity costs. An estimated capital investment of £2,436,820 is reported, with a loan of £1,610,967 and the remaining £825,853 coming from capital budgets.

“Total project simple payback is 11.85 years (excluding any maintenance savings, which will further reduce payback),” the report adds. An appendix with the report has not been published as it is considered exempt information under the Local Government Act due to the inclusion of “information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person.”

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